My artistic approach

I work on the representation of human attitudes to give life to characters alone or in conversation, elegant women and men, moving and free, for gender equality.

I question the relationship of the body to clothing in a society where appearance becomes DNA. Clothes should be one with the body, each person should be free to decide on his or her movement and body dance.

In another register, my “people” series parks dozens of small characters in geometric forms, humorously representing the uniqueness in the multiplicity so characteristic of our lives.
“on each other.”

My biography

After a Bac Littéraire Arts Plastiques and then a DNAT at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (Graphic Design speciality), Noémie continued her studies in communication and digital marketing to work in an advertising agency while maintaining her pictorial and photographic practice in parallel. After 10 years in this professional environment, Noémie leaves her managerial position in 2019 to devote herself full-time to her artistic projects. At the age of 33, Noémie Labrosse’s life as an artist is obvious.

The situation of women, their history, commitment, social pressure, the weight of culture and fashion … and more precisely the inequality between men and women are subjects that deeply animate the artist. Noémie Labrosse invents conversations based on her observations of life. She wants to paint elegant women and men, moving and free, for gender equality. She is inspired by her photos and memories from her travels (Morocco, India), to create minimalist or even abstract spaces, through a balance of shapes, colours and emotions.

In 2018, the artist will exhibit for the Parisian perfume brand Sabé Masson. In 2019, she collaborates with the famous outdoor lounge furniture brand Fermob through the “Palette de Jardin” exhibition. The “Femmes Libres” exhibition at Bazas allows her to share her vision of women’s emancipation in a changing context, as with her painting “Victoire” exhibited during the springboard for young contemporary talent “Art & Mode, It Couple”, organised by LeStudio and its partners MAD & Arty Paris. Noémie Labrosse has also been exhibiting at the Marché de la Création in Lyon every Sunday morning for the past year. She is also present on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. And if you pass by 15 rue René Leynaud (Lyon1er) and the door of my studio is open, come in!

Biographical text by François Masson


In painting, he establishes himself as a mysterious bridge between the soul of the characters and that of the spectator.

– Eugène Delacroix

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