Plastician Artist

Always sensitive to human relations, the place of the human in society (physical and moral) and revolted by the inequality between women and men, I feel the need to share my vision of the world, a world of free women, advocating gender equality in infinite narrative spaces.
I manipulate acrylic and watercolour paints, ink and pen on iPad pro (digital tablet) to create free and moving characters.

A few words about my painting


With watercolour, I try to recreate movement through the task, games of transparency to create a living dynamic of the characters.

The “Women” series offers elegant “models”. Acrylic allows me to work the material with finesse while looking for the perfect movement between body and clothing. I create spaces by looking for the simplification of shapes, sharing sensations through colour and the balance of elements between space and characters.

My colourful universes are inspired by my travels, nature and urban architecture; to represent places and atmosphere by purifying shapes and colours as being the essential.

Creations on iPad pro



The iPad Pro allows me to extend my search for the purity, movement and representation of women by playing on the infinite textures and possibilities offered by this digital medium.

Words can join my silhouettes to express feelings and sensations or be self-sufficient to propose naive, serious, funny, sensitive sentences… like a piece of conversation that I share with you.